A New Year

As we approach a New Year we begin to take inventory of ourselves and how we view our lives.  It’s easy to look back at the previous year and judge what we did NOT get done or what we didn’t accomplish.  What’s important is to focus on what we did accomplish, how we grew, what we learned, and recognize that we are not the same person we were 12 months ago or even 3 months ago.

Are you happy with the person you have become or are you still finding faults and pieces of yourself that you view as broken or not good enough?  When do you begin to see yourself through the eyes of love and compassion, and worthy of love and abundance?  Spirit tells us that all of the things we strive for are already within us.  That magic, and spark is there we just need to discover where it is hiding.  We do this by connecting with our higher self each day through prayer and meditation.  Take the time to connect with your beautiful Soul.  It’s waiting to be awakened and used in a way that allows each of us to bloom like the Lotus flower.

The process of life is a challenge, but it’s our job to look at each life experience as a chance to learn and grow.  What can I learn from this perceived challenge?  How can I grow?  Those should be the questions you ask for all of your experiences, and always remember, YOU create our own reality.

As we begin 2018 ask yourself… What kind of life will I create?  Will I take control over my thoughts, feelings, wishes, and dreams?  Will I shed the negativity of self and open up to a world of infinite possibility?  It’s time, and your Soul is aware and ready.  Allow yourself to be at peace, and to find love and compassion in all things. Release all that no longer serves you so you can bloom into the person you are meant to be!  Take a deep breath, envision what you want from life, and jump in full faith!

Happy New Year!

Blessings…Stacie Tatera