Other Services

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is an opportunity for you to talk and share your current life situations with Stacie.  Sometimes we need direction in life, and Stacie is able to tap into high vibrational energy so that she can offer you a different perspective on what you may be experiencing in your life. Stacie uses her spiritual background and knowledge to assist you in navigating various issues and challenges that you may be facing. These sessions are incredibly helpful for anyone seeking guidance, insights and help with day to day challenges as well as deep emotional issues. The goal of these sessions is growth, awareness, and connecting with self.  Stacie will share tools you can easily use to improve your life with success.

*Please note this is NOT a Medium reading.

*Discounts are offered for 3 or more sessions.

50 Minutes – $85

Sessions with Children

Stacie enjoys working with children, especially children that have spiritual gifts. Both of Stacie’s daughter’s are gifted so this issue is near and dear to her heart. Many times parents see different signs that their child can hear, see or speak to Spirit and they don’t know how to manage this for their children or themselves. Stacie is able to give family’s the basics on how to manage a child with spiritual gifts and sensitivities so that all involved feel more at peace and better able to manage life. Please contact Stacie directly to set up a session:  milwaukeemedium@gmail.com 


Per 30 and 60 minute Session – $75 and $125

Sacred Rose Healing

Sacred Rose Healing

This session is truly magical! Let yourself relax and heal with the power of roses. This impactful and gentle healing session is approximately 90 minutes, and includes a meditation, essential oils, and a clearing, time on the treatment table for your rose healing, as well as time before and after to discuss session intentions, and a post session wrap up. You will need to bring a dozen roses of your choosing for your session. Choose the roses that you feel drawn to, and those will be what will assist you with your healing. This session allows for relaxation, emotional release/ healing, and can also assist in your physical well being.

60-75 Minutes – $125

Wedding Officiant

I believe in the power of love and I am excited to share my energy with those wanting to join in the union of marriage. I have been offering my Spiritual services for 10 years and I now offer wedding officiant as one of my services.  Please contact me directly for information regarding weddings, vow renewals, and pricing:  milwaukeemedium@gmail.com or 414-882-9511.

Cancellation and Deposit Policy for All Services

If a service needs to be cancelled for any reason a 48 hour notice is requested.

Most services require a $25 deposit.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule your session with at least 48 hours notice your deposit can be applied to a future re-scheduled service/class or you can request a refund.  If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment you will forfeit your deposit and 50% of the full session cost will be charged to your credit card. There are no exceptions to this policy.