I was very skeptical when I made an appointment with Stacie a few years ago. I was on the phone with her and she made a confirmation  on the phone with no information about me. Right then and there I knew I needed to see her. My brother passed away, I pretended it didn’t happen, when reality set in I was ready to grieve but how? Stacie helped my brother communicate so many unknowns and why’s, and also a very dear friend of mines as well! Stacie makes you so comfortable! I went back with my Mom earlier this year after years of telling my Mom to give it a try! Stacie you made our family whole again! I will forever be grateful for her gift!

I have been seeing Stacie for about 6 years and have sent many people to her for readings. Today was hands down the most amazing experience. My heart, soul, and mental health needed it more than I could have ever anticipated. Stacie is an amazing person and the ways she shares her gift is so incredible. I don’t know that I will ever be able to say thank you enough.


An absolutely blessed experience! This was my first reading with a medium as I never thought of having one prior to the passing of my mother. Stacie was so warm and welcoming and I was naturally drawn to her! This made me much more able to relax and focus. Not only did Stacie identify my paternal Grandfather and my Mom coming thru, but she was also able to convey their personalities and details of my relationships with them that never could have been known without them there! I am in total awe! I just can’t wait to be in Stacie’s presence again for more opportunities to heal!

Stacie has a wonderful gift!  Going into her session I was a little nervous, but she was very welcoming. The messages that I received were all truly helpful and have given me guidance. Stacie is someone who cares about each one of her clients, and if you have the chance to have a reading or a session with her you will not be disappointed.

Stacie truly has a gift! If you are looking for someone who is personable, warm, inviting and makes you feel at home during a reading/session… she is it! I felt like I knew her. She helped to translate messages from my loved ones for myself and my mom and was spot on. I had been looking for someone or something to give my mom closure for a long time. Stacie was able to do that and I am forever grateful! Go with an open heart and an open mind. Even if you are a little skeptical…book anyways. You have nothing to lose, but soooo much to gain. I highly recommend her!”

Highly recommend! Stacie has a candid approach that I connect with. She was able to bring forth the essence of my son and comforting messages from him and other loved ones. My reading with Stacie has helped ease my grief.

Stacie was also able to offer guidance in life issues. She immediately zoned into my extreme job dissatisfaction. Stacie offered suggestions and messages from my guides along with her own support and encouragement. “Get it on paper!” “Put it out to the Universe!” In less than a month, a much-needed job change occurred. I always feel uplifted after talking with Stacie. I am grateful God lead me to her.

Jo D

I met Stacie after the loss of my son, Michael 5 years ago. Her sincere compassion, knowledge and divine skills helped me beyond what words can fully explain. My understanding of death and the continued connections we have with our loved ones healed my heart. Gave me hope to move through my grief and broken heart.. I slowly began to find joy and gratitude in the gift of his life that I had been given 36 years ago instead of the crushing sadness I felt in his death.. I could understand, with Stacie’s guidance, that his life had a special purpose even though it was far too short. I think of him daily and give thanks for what he has taught me about life and death.
I have also attended some of Stacie’s seminars and gathered wonderful information and perspective to continue on my own spiritual path. I thank her with a very full heart for all she has given to me.
Andy M.

Stacie Tatera is a gifted visionary, Angel communicator and medium. I know this through the work she does with me. As an Angel intuitive myself, I recognize in Stacie a kindred spirit. Her messaging both with spirit and the Angelic realm has been on target and accurate. Stacie is a gifted healer which makes her energy work on me an important component of my overall health. Aligning both my physical and spirit bodies, Stacie creates the conditions for me to be at my best. While I appreciate and honor the accuracy of her mediumship, I am equally impressed at her investment in her craft both professionally and personally. It is deeply evident to me that Stacie lives her work which I believe is a necessary attribute for those who have been called to serve the sacred.
I am proud to be able to share that Stacie is among the best.

I love working with Stacie!! Her readings are very accurate and I love her energy and straight forward approach. Thank you so much! I received the validation I needed!!! My reading was like a hug from heaven!!!
Sharon C.

I have been seeing Stacie for 5 years and in that time, her overall skill set has improved and that, in turn, makes her clients up their ante as well. I see Stacie once a quarter and, lovingly, refer to my Reiki sessions as “Spiritual Smack-Down’s”. I have moved past and worked on things within my own spirituality and viewpoints. I know that I have grown by leaps and bounds. Stacie gives her clients a clean, no judgment, picture of matters at hand. She by no means tells you what to do, rather she offers a different perspective. I have referred family members and friends to her for her various services. I give readings and Reiki sessions as gifts to those that I know would appreciate it. I am so very grateful for all that she’s given me over these past few years.


I attended Stacie’s Spiritual Foundations Class last November and I am so grateful every single day for all I learned that day!  I am blown away by how much I have grown in the last 5 months since that class!  I have a daily practice that keeps me centered in gratitude!  I continue to learn more and more of methods, practices and authors that I consider my soul food!  I cannot thank Stacie enough for teaching this class and impacting my life in such a profound way!
Jaime L.