Stacie is incredibly talented and has an amazing gift to share! I’ve been to a number of events and her down to earth intuitive approach is refreshing. Whether you’re in need of an energetic alignment, or are looking to receive specific messages from “the other side” Stacie is a great resource and I highly recommend her!


In my opinion, to build a bridge between Spirit and those seeking comfort or knowledge, it takes a great deal of unwavering faith. Just when I was beginning to feel as though Spirit had abandoned me, I met Stacie. Any harbored skepticism was washed away during our first encounter. Years later, Stacie once again came to my spiritual, emotional, and even physical rescue. Though I had been ill with a blood disorder for quite some time, my mind, body, and soul had just finally reached a breaking point. Stacie was instrumental in reconnecting me with Jesus and my own unique gifts through Spirit in many forms, including some extremely therapeutic Reiki and intuitive readings. Through Stacie I have gained strength, peace, and confidence. I have grown exponentially in her presence, and rediscovered my profound purpose. Stacie continues to amaze me. She is truly a genuine, caring medium with a deep connection to Spirit, allowing her to spread love to others. Stacie has that unwavering faith, compassion, and love that speaks to the heart. I feel very blessed to have her ongoing support. Without question, I would recommend Stacie to anyone in need of her wonderful spiritual gifts.


I have been working with Stacie for a few months now doing mediumship, and I have seen Stacie, multiple times, brings forth messages from spirit in a very loving and comforting way. She has an amazing ability to help comfort and bring forth healing to the people she is reading. I’ve seen Stacie validate to others that their loved ones that have passed are with them spiritually, with detailed and specific information that can’t be denied. I am blessed to have Stacie as a friend, and I am also blessed to be able to work with her in the process of validating to others that our loved ones that have passed are still with us spiritually.


Stacie has a wonderful gift!  Going into her session I was a little nervous, but she was very welcoming. The messages that I received were all truly helpful and have given me guidance. Stacie is someone who cares about each one of her clients, and if you have the chance to have a reading or a session with her you will not be disappointed.

Stacie is absolutely amazing and has a wonderful gift.  She connected me with my mom who died two months ago. I had a ton of questions that I needed answered, and she gave me the best gift I could of asked for…closure. I highly recommend her.  Stacie got me through an extremely hard time.


Highly recommend! Stacie has a candid approach that I connect with. She was able to bring forth the essence of my son and comforting messages from him and other loved ones. My reading with Stacie has helped ease my grief.

Stacie was also able to offer guidance in life issues. She immediately zoned into my extreme job dissatisfaction. Stacie offered suggestions and messages from my guides along with her own support and encouragement. “Get it on paper!” “Put it out to the Universe!” In less than a month, a much needed job change occurred. I always feel uplifted after to talking with Stacie. I am grateful God lead me to her.



Jo D

After my boyfriend that I lived with for the last 9 years passed away suddenly in April, I decided to go have a reading with Stacie to see if she could help me deal with some things I’d been feeling.  I have to admit I was on the fence about going to see a medium but after the first visit, I totally changed my mind.  I felt so much better after the reading and felt as if I’d had a counseling session with my boyfriend that we never had before his death.
Stacie had told me about a metal box that I needed to find and look for in the basement, she said it’s not hidden but not out in the open either.  One morning our 3 dogs woke me up at 5am ( a half hour before needing to get up for work).  I just wanted to go back to sleep but they would not let me!  So I thought okay, let’s go downstairs and look for this box!  I browsed around and next thing you know, I found a metal box!  It was in an area I’d been in several times recently and never saw it before this day!
I found a drill with an extra battery and a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts and I’m thinking this is what I’m supposed to find??  In the pockets of the clothes, he had hidden money!  That’s what I was supposed to find!
My second meeting with Stacie, my maternal grandmother came through again and told me about a miscarriage she had but I never knew anything about it and Stacie said it was a boy.  I asked my mother and she does remember my grandmother talking about a miscarriage so I told my mom she would’ve had a brother!
Heidi O.

Stacie Tatera is a gifted visionary, Angel communicator and medium. I know this through the work she does with me. As an Angel intuitive myself, I recognize in Stacie a kindred spirit. Her messaging both with spirit and the Angelic realm has been on target and accurate. Stacie is a gifted healer which makes her energy work on me an important component of my over all health. Aligning both my physical and spirit bodies, Stacie creates the conditions for me to be at my best. While I appreciate and honor the accuracy of her mediumship, I am equally impressed at her investment in her craft both professionally and personally. It is deeply evident to me that Stacie lives her work which I believe is a necessary attribute for those who have been called to serve the sacred.
I am proud to be able to share that Stacie is among the best.



I would like to share and thank Stacie for coming into my life and helping me heal my inner spiritual being. Last year I lost my granddaughter and Mother. My inner being was so heavy with the pain of grieving their loss that it effected me physically and mentally. But then my daughter told me about Stacie and that maybe I should try her Reiki healings. So I did. Stacie is truly a gift from God to me! She is so gifted and professional, kind, sweet, caring and just a wonderful human being. Through her mediumship she was able to connect with my mother, and she has given me such peace and joy within my spirit.  All my questions that I so desperately wanted to ask my mother came through Stacie. The Reiki sessions…well I totally felt that my physical body was floating and I could feel the overwhelming love of my mother at that time. Thank you Stacie for being a part of my life!

Carol L.

I have been seeing Stacie for 5 years and in that time, her overall skill set has improved and that, in turn, makes her clients up their ante as well. I see Stacie once a quarter and, lovingly, refer to my Reiki sessions as “Spiritual Smack-Down’s”. I have moved past and worked on things within my own spirituality and view-points. I know that I have grown by leaps and bounds. Stacie gives her clients a clean, no judgement, picture of matters at hand. She by no means tells you what to do, rather she offers a different perspective. I have referred family members and friends to her for her various services. I give readings and Reiki sessions as gifts to those that I know would appreciate it. I am so very grateful for all that she’s given me over these past few years.



I saw Stacie for the first time this week for a medium reading. I was always skeptical about mediums and psychics, but I am not a skeptic any longer. Stacie was able to communicate the answers and closure I was looking for. Thank you, and you definitely have a gift from God.