Several months ago before I had this outlet to blog I was in meditation and the words “Angel” Driven came to me.  I knew it would be the topic of my first “official” blog, and I am excited to share that with you today!

When I was in my late teens I recognized a connection with Angels that was very special to me. I could feel their presence, see them around me and others, and I would connect with them regularly.  There was a sense of protection that I could not explain coming from this Angel energy, and years later it has evolved into something that makes me incredibly emotional and filled with gratitude.

When we are “Angel Driven” we allow ourselves to feel that Angelic energy all around us.  It is a knowing that we are being watched over and protected, and that we are indeed supported on a higher level.  Many people ask me as a Medium if they have a “Guardian Angel” and my answer is yes, of course!  We have an amazing “Spirit Team” that works with us every day in hopes of guiding us, sending us messages and insights, and watching over us.  This team is made up of Angels, Spirit Guides, and loved ones we may have known in this life or another.  If we allow ourselves to tune into this energy it opens many doors, and in ways you can’t even imagine. If we allow this high vibrational Angel Energy to integrate with our soul, our being, our higher self, we open the door to receive help, and guidance in navigating our own lives.  If we have the ability to trust and know that the Angels are a constant in our life, and we are open to receive from them, we are succeeding at being “Angel Driven!”

Through prayer and meditation we open up the doors to a connection with God, our higher self, our Angels, and Guides. Invite the Angels into your energy today.  Be open to accept their help, and allow yourself to feel that energy with love and gratitude.  The next time you have a great idea about your business, or a thought about how to handle a relationship, know that it’s your Spirit Team assisting you, guiding you, loving you.  Never be hesitant to ASK for the help you need because it is then that your Guides and Angels will step in to serve your highest good.  After a while, you will be able to sense they are with you, you will feel their energy, and the love they have for you.  You may ask…why do I deserve their help?…why do I deserve to be “Angel Driven?”  We are ALL worthy of this unconditional love and support…every single one of us.  Enjoy the gifts they have to share with you, and when possible share your experiences with others so they too can be “Angel Driven.”

I am grateful every day for the presence of God and the Angels in my life.  For me, it has been life changing. My Angel Team  are some of my best friends…ready to listen and guide me when needed.  There is never any judgement, just unconditional love, and an understanding that we are ALL walking this path together, always supported, and never alone…”Angel Driven!”