There are so many times in our lives that we go through difficult events and we feel that things are happening TO us.  How many times have you thought, “I can’t believe this is happening to me!”  If you are able to change your perspective just a bit when things become difficult, and instead of feeling as though things are happening to you…you now think they are happening FOR YOU.  Each and every experience that we go through in this life is meant to help us learn and grow.  If we can look at our life events regardless of the challenge or difficulty as something the Universe is doing FOR us then you understand there’s a a very necessary and important life lesson or growth opportunity wrapped up in the event or circumstance.  This shift in thinking allows each of us to better understand that our Soul is ready grow and move forward.  Sometimes that means we are moving out of a situation or relationship or that it’s time for a change, and a move in a new and different direction is needed.

This is where we have to trust that the Universe knows what is in our best interest and our highest good, and that the challenging experience is happening FOR us and not TO us. We each have a soul blueprint of experiences and lessons that we are meant to go through in order to reach our highest vibration possible.  When we stay stuck in the space of thinking that life happens TO us, we can fall into the role of victim and that hinders us moving forward.

I encourage you to start looking at your life in this new way, and when there are circumstances that are challenging and make you feel uncomfortable that you remember that it is happening FOR you.  This is part of your soul blueprint, and you are honoring your life mission by growing, learning and seeing the blessing and gift in each and every experience that is presented FOR you.

Blessings….Stacie Tatera