It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, and my Spirit Team has been gently nudging me to get back into doing some writing.  Life is often busy with family and work, and things just got away from me for a bit, and I am happy to be back at it!

As I move forward with blogging and writing, I have decided to name my writings, The Spiritual Tea. “Spilling the tea” is a term my oldest teen daughter uses when she has some new information to share with me about her life and the latest and greatest updates on life, school, friends etc.  It’s relevant and up to date! Just the way I like it! She laughs at me when I ask her, “What’s the Tea?” since she knows I am making an attempt to be a hip Mom…sometime with success and other times not so much.

Today I bring you a topic that I think gets many of us caught up in a lot of emotion.  Being right and being wrong. How often do you have conversations with someone and the goal of the entire conversation is to be right. You want to prove to yourself or someone else that what you are saying or a recent action was the right thing.  How often are you made to feel bad or inferior about being wrong? Maybe you were the one making you feel crummy about being wrong, missing the mark, or another person points out to you that…you were wrong. It sure is a slippery slope no matter what side of the fence you’re climbing.  

We live in a society where it is better to be right than wrong.  Through the wrong comes shame, embarrassment, self- doubt, and a whole host of negative and uncomfortable feelings.  When you are “right” you are rewarded, you tend to feel a gratification, and overall you feel good.

I think that in the battle of right and wrong we need to try and understand that we can  live our lives and make decisions based on what is best for our own personal growth. We can remain mindful of making choices that come from a place of integrity and heart.  Our inner guidance system knows what feels good and what doesn’t and trusting our intuition will always be a great choice.

When we can place our weapons on the ground and not feel like we have to come into battle each time we have a conversation or interaction with someone we can have clearer conversations and interactions with those around us.  Right and wrong is an ego energy, and stepping away from that space and accepting without judgement frees us up to focus on other more important issues and happenings in our lives.

It all comes back to doing your best each day, and accepting that sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t, but it’s in each experience that we learn and grow.  Take each moment of I was right or I was wrong as a gift to grow and evolve into a place of non-judgement. No matter if it was right or wrong…was it what was best for you and did it come from a love space. That’s what matters.